Resource Guarding: A Serious Issue

Resource Guarding: A Serious Issue Most dogs demonstrate some degree of resource guarding, especially toward other dogs and animals. For example, if your dog stands guard in front of their food bowl while their sibling walks by, that is an instance of resource guarding. If your dog growls when their sibling tries to take a … Continued

Training Customized for YOU! 

Training Customized for YOU!  When looking for the right dog trainer, one of the first things you should look for is how much the training will fit you and your dog’s specific needs. For example, if you have an aggressive dog, you wouldn’t enroll it in a basic puppy class or socialization play time. That … Continued

Training Dogs AND Their People

Training Dogs AND Their People As a dog owner, you’ve probably scouted tens and tens of dog training programs and you know how the routine generally goes. With most companies, you do an assessment via phone, join a pre-determined program that best fits your dog’s age or ability, and then drop them off at the … Continued

Potty Accidents vs Territorial Marking

Potty Accidents vs Territorial Marking  While working with a dog trainer in Philadelphia, we talked about how there’s a big difference between your dog having and accident and territorially marking. An accident is purely that…an accident. Marking is deliberate, and your dog’s way of asserting and attempting to establish some degree of dominance. The one … Continued

How Your Leadership Helps Your Dog

How Your Leadership Helps Your Dog  Since becoming a dog trainer in Buffalo, I have met many people who think that a dog should, for the most part, be a “free” dog. What that means is allowing the dog to have free reign and allowed to make their own decisions with very basic guidance and … Continued

Solve Separation Anxiety!

We Solve Separation Anxiety! Separation anxiety is one of the most common complain amongst pet parents, just ask our colleague a dog trainer in Columbus. This is when your fur child is destructive, whines, barks, urinates or even defecates when they are left alone. Dogs can develop separation anxiety at any age. It is important … Continued

Is a Board and Train the Best Option?

Is a Board and Train the Best Option?  We at Colonial Dog Training believe that the board and train method of dog training is not the most effective. We’ve seen first-hand evidence of this; we’ve seen it fail. If you’re training your dog to behave well in your home and with you, then the training … Continued

Why In-home Dog Training Is Best

Why In-home Dog Training Is Best If you were learning to play baseball, you wouldn’t do it in a hockey rink or on a basketball court. Not many would argue with that, but this illustrates why some methods of dog training are flawed. If you’re trying to train your dog to behave when they’re in … Continued

Correct Behaviors Before It Becomes a Problem

Correct Behaviors Before It Becomes a Problem  Despite how much we might love our dogs, no dog is perfect! Even the best-behaved dogs usually have a few bad habits or behaviors. So many people call me and express concerns that their dog isn’t “bad enough” for in-home training. They often tell me that they think … Continued

Older Dogs Can Be Trained Too!

Older Dogs Can Be Trained Too!  Many people I talk to are hesitant to sign an older dog up for training. They’ve fallen for the old adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! Colonial Dog Training Buffalo can help! While it’s always best to begin training your dog as soon as possible, … Continued