Training Customized for YOU! 

When looking for the right dog trainer, one of the first things you should look for is how much the training will fit you and your dog’s specific needs. For example, if you have an aggressive dog, you wouldn’t enroll it in a basic puppy class or socialization play time. That would be inappropriate for everyone, and you wouldn’t be able to tackle the aggression issues. Just like if your dog was just not listening to commands or had just minor leash pulling issues, you wouldn’t sign them up for aggression rehabilitation or agility training to resolve these problems. Instead, you’d probably want a basic obedience program with some behavior modification focused on leash walking and general obedience.

Not all dogs require the same training program. Some dogs will need basic training, while others might need something a little more advanced or concentrated. That’s why our Buffalo dog training offers a variety of in-home dog training programs, and our Buffalo dog trainers create a training plan that is tailored to the individual client and the dog.

dog in trainingThe benefits of having customized dog training speak for themselves — your dog’s particular issues will be addressed and your particular training goals as an owner will be accomplished. It focuses on the real issues at hand and what the causes are. Training that is customized should also be formulated to match the dog and owner’s lifestyle. Much of dog training does require some lifestyle changes for the dog and owner, but it’s not going to ask anything drastic. 

Just last month, I met with a client whose dog Odie was extremely territorially aggressive toward guests entering the home. At our initial in-home consultation, Odie’s mom asked if she would just have to accept that no friends, family members, or neighbors would ever be able to enter the home. Of course not! The goal was to be able to bring people into the home and have Odie behave calmly. It was advised to Odie’s mom that in the beginning of training, to not invite many people over just until Odie made some progress with his behavior training. However, once we reached a certain point, we wanted to set up lessons where people and other distractions could be tested around Odie. At that point in time, Odie would be prepared to succeed around those distractions and triggers. 

But there was absolutely no way we were going to instruct Odie’s mom to never have people over. She is a very social person and she eventually wanted to host dinner parties and have family members stay over for the holidays. Because of this, we made it a point to work on Odie’s territorial aggression so that his mom could one day comfortably have people over with Odie behaving like a perfect gentleman. A month later into training, Odie’s mom has had her boyfriend come over several time, and also had a couple of friends over for dinner one night, and Odie behaved 100% of the time!

When looking for a trainer, of course look into their training background, training philosophy, their client reviews, etc., but don’t forget to look for something that will serve you and your dog’s individual needs! At Colonial Dog Training Buffalo, we’ll meet with you and your dog for an in-home consultation to create a customized training regimen based on your dog’s behavioral issues and your training goals. Once we map it out for you and you commit to the plan, we’ll get you and your dog started on the path to behavioral balance and success!

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