Training Dogs AND Their People

As a dog owner, you’ve probably scouted tens and tens of dog training programs and you know how the routine generally goes. With most companies, you do an assessment via phone, join a pre-determined program that best fits your dog’s age or ability, and then drop them off at the facilities a few times a week for several months until the program is completed. You get briefed on the basics, given a certificate, and there you have it!

Here at Colonial Dog Training in Buffalo, we’re different on all those fronts. What you get from us will train both you and your dog, and we think those are equality important. Here’s why:

  1. dog owner training dogYou’re training your dog, but the goal is to train them with your needs in mind. You’re not training them for another owner; you’re fitting your pet for your household, your life, and your needs. If your dog is taught by a stranger without supervision, this isn’t taken into consideration, and we want to know what tips/tricks/changes you need most, not to mention what your dog is most receptive to – all dogs are different and we don’t want assume.
  2. We think that teaching you is key because maybe your dog will get it when we do the commands, but we’re not training your dog just so they can perform well in training for us. Ultimately, we’re preparing your dog for situations where they’ll have to respond to you, and it might be somewhere with lots of stimuli or pressure on you and your pet. If you don’t know exactly how and why your dog responds, you might not be able to call them back in time. Learning is a bonding experience. It’s a chance to get to know your dog better and rise to the task of being able to connect with them when it matters most.

The key is that if you know the tips and tricks of how your dog learns, you can refuse the tools we teach you to teach them further later. Teach an owner to train, and they’ll connect with a dog for a lifetime!

If you’re curious about our customized programs, give our trainers a call today to discuss your options at 800.649.7297.