Why In-home Dog Training Is Best

If you were learning to play baseball, you wouldn’t do it in a hockey rink or on a basketball court. Not many would argue with that, but this illustrates why some methods of dog training are flawed. If you’re trying to train your dog to behave when they’re in your home or just with you in general, then their training should be centered on you and the home you live in. If dog training doesn’t involve you and the dog’s home environment then it’s impossible to address a dog as a whole, as these are inseparable aspects of the dog’s life that make them what they are. Our goal is to teach you to become the trainer for your dog, not rely on anyone else to fill that role, and we train you in your home environment so that when we depart your dog is left in your able hands.

Our Buffalo Dog Trainer provides in-home training that gets lasting results!Some dog trainers have programs that involve taking your dog to a facility for a certain amount of time and then picking them up when their “fixed.” Other programs simply involve you taking your dog to a school where you learn to train them yourself. Both of these methods are missing something: the inclusion of both you and the home environment in the training, which are two of the largest parts of your dog’s life. These methods can produce results, but they don’t hold up when the dog encounters their triggers in the environments where they live.

Colonial Dog Training Buffalo provides in-home dog training that utilizes a rewards-based approach. We focus on setting your dog up to succeed. We teach your dog a new way to think and make the right choices. Our training is customized according to the details of your situation, taking into account your home environment and general routine and living situation. Our training works from the inside moving out, meaning we begin in the home and gradually move out to other outside places like parks and your neighborhood.

Colonial Dog Training Buffalo provides training to dogs with issues like separation anxiety, aggression and hyperactivity and all breeds and temperaments are welcome. We often are successful with dogs that many other trainers have failed with. No dog is a lost cause. Don’t let anyone tell you that yours is. Our training method has been successful for nearly three decades and we come from a distinguished group of trainers that help dogs and their people throughout the country. On our first visit with you we’ll explain how our training works and build a plan of training tailored to your needs. Our training is commitment-based, so we don’t offer a set number of lessons. Instead we focus on attaining all of our goals and then setting you up to be the trainer yourself.

Give us a call at 800.649.7297. We’ll be happy to listen to your story and explain more about how our training works. We have an experienced office staff ready to help you assess your situation and get started on your training journey. If you don’t prefer calling, send us a message using our contact form.