Group Dog Training Classes in Buffalo:

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Does your dog ignore your commands, both in and outside the home? Do you feel like your dog runs the show and you are just here to observe and put up with their general disobedience and bad attitude? If you are a dog owner that experiences these and are getting frustrated with this unhealthy relationship, then our group classes might be for you.

Our Buffalo dog training group classes are the best in town! Aptly named the Practical Pet Protocol, these classes not only teach your dog the basics, but also gives you and your dog feasible exercises that can be practiced and learned in ANY environment!

Colonial Dog Training’s professional dog trainer is Danielle Jackson, and she teaches all the Practical Pet Protocol classes in Buffalo and surrounding areas. An expert in-home dog trainer, Danielle also brings her mastery and skills into a group setting. Danielle has worked with all types of behavior cases, be it mild or severe!

Our Practical Pet Protocol group classes will include and offer the following:

  • How to teach your dog all basic obedience commands, including sit, stay, down, heel, come, and place.
  • How to use these commands beyond the classroom, including our behavior modification strategy that uses the same commands you’ll be learning in class!
  • Real life distractions, including simulations of crowded environments and even a dinner table.
  • Knowledge of how to build a relationship of mutual trust and respect between you and your dog. This is the kind of relationship that allows you to influence your dog’s behavior choices both now and in the future.
  • A 40+ page booklet to reference once you’re back at home, and a mobile app designed to help you practice anywhere that you have your phone.

While we want to welcome all dogs into the classroom, please know that there are some requirements when it comes to enrolling in the Practical Pet Protocol. There are no breed or size restrictions, but some conditions are in place to ensure the safety for our human and canine students:

  • No dogs that leash reactive (lunging, barking, snarling toward other dogs or people while on the leash)
  • No dogs with any serious behavioral problems such as severe anxiety or aggression
  • No dogs that are six months or younger

Also, all admitted dogs must be completely up-to-date on their vaccinations and should not be experiencing any serious health issues, especially those that might contagious.

If you have a puppy or dog that is experiencing severe behavior problems such as anxiety, aggression or leash reactivity, we are happy to sign you up for one of our in-home training programs! Talk to us at our office by calling 716.217.2817 or email us through our contact form! We’re here to address all your questions and get you and your dog the training that is best for you!