In-home Dog Training Buffalo Style- Customized Training for your Dog!

In-home dog training is private training that includes the professional dog trainer, the dog, and their owner/family. Typically, in-home training takes place primarily in the house, though there are opportunities to work on training exercises in different environments, such as a park, the pet store, around the neighborhood, and more.

Why In-Home Training?

At Colonial Dog Training Buffalo, we believe that in-home training is the best type of dog training. Our belief is based on the amount of our in-home clients that found great success from this format. In-home training is the best way to set a dog up for success – it begins in their most familiar environment (rather than a strange facility or kennel), and it gives the owner the opportunity to control things in the home environment so that the dog has a better chance of progressing and focusing in the training.

In-home training is also about keeping dog owners in the training equation. While our Buffalo dog trainer can bring near instantaneous results, what’s more important is that the owner can achieve this! Unlike “board and train” program, in-home training is about training both dog and owner! In-home training is about teaching owners how to reclaim their role as a confident leader for their dog. It concentrates on consistent communication between dog and owner, where fair boundaries are expressed, and rewards (ie: treats, verbal praise, physical affection) are constantly given and associated with good behavior.

With in-home training, everyone learns and progresses. The bond between dog and owner is enhanced, and both dog and owner learn skills that last a LIFETIME!

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Does your In-Home Training offer distraction training outside the home?

Absolutely! We feel that training is useless if dogs cannot learn to obey and follow their owner’s lead even when distractions are present. Often times, when owners need their dog’s attention it can be when the dog is MOST distracted!

Training will always begin at home so that the dog has a better chance of succeeding and acclimating to the training structure that we build for them. However, once the dog learns the right behaviors and becomes more accustomed to the regimen we have instilled, it is then that we begin to slowly reintroduce distractions and problem-causing stimuli into the picture. Through gradual desensitization and focus-building exercises, dogs learn that good behavior can transcend outside the home…it can and will be demonstrated in ANY environment!

How do I know that In-Home Training is right for me and my dog?

Does your dog become easily distracted, where basic commands go in one ear and out the other? Do you think your dog will automatically fail in a group class setting? Do you as the owner feel helpless and want to rebuild the relationship between you and your troubled dog? Does your dog exhibit severe behavior problems, like anxiety and aggression?

If the answer to any of these is “yes”, then your best shot will be in-home dog training. However, if none of the aforementioned apply to you and your dog, in-home training can still be the most beneficial training for you. At Colonial Dog Training, all of our in-home training programs cater to your specific needs for your dog, and works to eliminate all behavior issues. Distraction training is always a part of training, and our training goal is to meet your training goals!

If you have questions or think in-home training might be what you and your pup need, give us a call! We offer in-home training for both puppies and adult dogs, and it can cover basic obedience, behavior modification, aggression problems, and we also have our in-home expecting parents training program! Our offices can be reached at 716.217.2817, or write us using our contact form!