Colonial Dog Training Buffalo Testimonials – Proof that Change is Possible!

“Our family dog is a miniature poodle, when my wife and I got him we never thought such a tiny, cute thing would be such a handful. Baxter was a good puppy but had a bit of mischievousness in him. He would steal things and like to be chased around, he also had bad separation issues. When Baxter hit the infamous “terrible twos” the cute mischief turned into a nightmare. Baxter got into routine habits of stealing night lights out of the wall, pot holders, toilet paper, any decorations we had around our house, jumping on people as they entered our house and worst of all he barked. The barking wasn’t a normal barking like most dogs do towards strangers or noises (though he did that too). Every night Baxter would stand in front of my wife or I and very loudly bark and bark and bark. The bark was very consistent and sometimes he would do it until his voice was rough and scratchy. We tried to play with him, even walk him for as much as an hour or so to get his energy out, but he would not stop. Eventually he started to do it throughout the day as well. It got so bad that the only way to stop it was for my wife and me to go to bed or leave the house. We tried all sorts of tricks from the pet store: calming treats and scents, hand clickers and horns for training, we even tried a shock collar but once we saw how cruel it was, we could not put him through that. The last thing we wanted to do was give him up. Expecting our first child, we knew we needed help with making sure Baxter would help create the right environment for a newborn and so we looked into training.

Training was something my wife constantly brought up and I shot down because I was under the common assumption that training a dog was useless if they weren’t still a pup. I was also hesitant about the cost and that after spending the money that it wouldn’t yield any results, or at least results that would last. Giving in, we contacted an agency that put us in contact with Danielle and we were set to begin training. At the initial consult Danielle explained that we will see results right after the first run at “doggie boot camp”. Right off the bat my wife and I felt very comfortable around Danielle and how she approached Baxter and our concerns, but we were both honestly hesitant about the confidence we had that Baxter could be “fixed”. But it was our last resort next to giving him up. To sum up the entire experience, our hesitance and reservations about our ability to train a dog who is past his puppy stage was completely discredited. Danielle kept her word because after the first appointment Baxter showed tremendous improvement, my wife and I couldn’t believe it! Danielle right away “diagnosed” the situation and presented us with different things to work on: such as anxiety and making sure Baxter knew we were the boss of the house and not him. Each week training was watching Danielle work with Baxter and then hands on for us so we could work with him at home. My wife and I immediately felt a feeling of ease and relaxation as we could see a change in our pet. The most important thing was he still felt like our pet. His affection didn’t change towards us and he was still the dog we loved, only better behaved. Having Baxter learn to go to a “place” was the most impressive moment for us. By the end of the first half hour lesson Baxter would go to and stay in his place (which was a bed we bought him) on our command. Danielle made sure Baxter felt that his place was safe and comfortable and that he stayed there until we commanded him otherwise. This was extremely helpful when we had company come over or had our hands full with the baby.

Throughout the entire process Danielle was more than we could have imagined. She was very flexible when it came to scheduling, working around our separate (and busy) schedules. She was very open to communication and we knew we could text or call her any time with questions or concerns. Danielle would also check in every few days to ask about progress and if we needed more time to work with Baxter before the next lesson. We would even send her joking pictures and captions of us putting our potholders and night lights out claiming we were “taking back our house”. We could easily tell Danielle had a passion for dogs and a wide range of knowledge. While very professional she also made our relationship feel as if we invited a friend into our house who just also happened to be a dog trainer. After our initial five appointments Danielle took extra steps to help us out with Baxter because she was that dedicated to his progress. On two occasions Danielle accompanied us to the vet, once as a test run to get Baxter feeling comfortable and once for an actual appointment. More than a few months have passed and Baxter to us is a completely different dog. There are days where he has a relapse to what we call his “past life” (though he has not barked at us once since training), and that is okay with us. Danielle gave us such good guidance and confidence that if we need to give Baxter commands he listens and responds right away. He has not lost his spunk or personality (another fear we had going into professional training), he just listens to us and respects us. We have been able to enjoy our knew baby and new piece of mind, thanks to Danielle our happy little family become even stronger and definitely more relaxed.”

-Brandon F.


Testimonials from Colonial Dog Training Buffalo Clients!“Our dog Rusty was a nightmare before Danielle put him in his place. We are so happy to report that Rusty no longer barks ferociously on his walks, and he has become such a well-mannered gentleman when we have guests over! Thank you Danielle and all the wonderful work you have done with us!”

-Kate, Jose, and Rusty

“I never had an aggressive puppy before. My five-month-old Goldendoodle was shaping up to be a mini Cujo! I called Colonial Dog Training Buffalo and found such relief when Danielle began working with Eli. She not only handled the aggression, but also made sure we covered the basics that all normal puppies learn, like his commands and behaving on the leash. Eli is such a changed dog and I could not be happier with the results!”

-Erik and Eli

Colonial Dog Training Buffalo can help your dog!“As a person that never owned a dog, I cannot thank Danielle enough for her patience and wisdom when it came to training my little Squirt. He was such a mess…pooping in the house, rummaging through the trash to eat paper towels, and barking at anything!!!! I was so amazed that at the FIRST lesson, Squirt paid such close attention to Danielle’s instruction…he clearly respected her! It was such a thrill to earn that same respect from my dog, and I wouldn’t be where I am now with Squirt if it wasn’t for Danielle of Colonial Dog Training! If you’re a new dog owner without a clue, let Danielle help you!!”

-Rhea and Squirt

“Our Maggie was a good girl in general, but she was the biggest scaredy cat ever. We were blessed that her nervousness never led to biting out of fear, but it still broke our heart to see her cower at the sight of another dog, or to urinate when a friendly stranger calmly reached down to pet her. I don’t know if she was abused before we adopted her, but we knew we had to try something so she could lead a more enjoyable life.

We called Colonial Dog Training Buffalo and now we will sing their praises all over Buffalo! Their trainer Danielle was such a doll when it came to Maggie…gentle and very conscious of her actions when it came to Maggie’s timidness. We’re only a month in and Maggie has made such great improvements. She still needs some time to overcome some of her fear problems, but compared to when we first adopted her, Maggie is a much more confident dog. Last night, we met our new neighbor that moved in across the street and Maggie allowed her to pet her without peeing! Even better…she was wagging her tail the entire time!

Thanks for bringing more happiness to not only Maggie’s life, but ours as well!”

-The Rollins Family